An aging man in his early 50's, Wally (Oris Pogroff), as his close friends know him, is an athletic and pious Pelorite who is ever the steady hand and soothing voice in times of stress.

A piton in the storm that was the Dwarven Wars he maintained the populous with morning mass, leading triage and conducting surgeries.  His magics while not the strongest in advancement, have the most potency of any priest in the church.

He is up with the sunrise each morning and jogs in a pair of shortened breeches each morning save the coldest.

He is not well known beyond the church walls.

He has a robust family, of eight sons and four daughters.  Two of his sons are priests of Pelor, and a daughter has taken to the library, following the ways of Oghma.

His wife provides services in the Orphanage since it opened.


Church of Sun & Scroll