This game is currently going through its 7th years(ish).

I've always been the dungeon master, and have decided I always want to be the dungeon master.
People tell me I'm decent.

I interact with the Twitch feed during broadcast as much as I can but the game comes first; the players each may or may not be in the chat.

Sometimes I stick around after session for a few minutes to clean up and conduct Q&A.
Feel free to ask questions and get answers then.

Registering your Twitch self

Why am I using ONLY Twitch?  This website is developed to provide my viewers with a way to interact with the game.  The currency for the interaction afforded is in the XP that viewers accrue through watching the stream.

So watching the stream means you give a shit about the stream which means you can write ideas and canon for the stream which means you give more of a shit about the stream.

So that's why I use Twitch for the account log in and creation.

Also, the XP database is separate from my site database and I'm using the Twitch information to synch up your XP.  I'm in the process of rewriting the fairy to insert directly to the site database.


If you want to purchase points, you can do so and XP is a penny a piece.  If you buy XP on the site, it's automatically added to your total.

Each plot point can be voted upon. It costs 10 points to cast a vote and you may change or remove that vote at any time.  Changing your vote costs nothing at this time; if abused, you bet your ass it'll incur cost, so don't fuck around folks.  I see a lot of bitching and whining about things and I'll jack that rate and nobody will be happy.

Freedom of speech is a thing though!

You may freely discuss the plot points as each one supports a separate commentary behind the scenes.  You must HAVE points to comment on plot points, but it doesn't cost you anything.

If you have something to say about a plot point, by all means, get in there and speak your piece.

About the Wiki.

The Wiki is an element for reference and record by users who have had over 10,000 experience.  I invite folks to add to it, edit it and make it better.

About the Website.

More to the point, it's about my passion.

Cheap drunk drama, game design and development and model building.

Everything I love wrapped into one game.

The website is a sort of freeze / add-in facet that I came up with some time ago and wanted to implement as part of the game.

For about a year I've tried to take input in the form of rewards from my viewers and I think this is the natural evolution of that.  Think of it like a script, but it's not a script. Think of it like a storyline, but it's not the storyline. This is our plot generator and log. I am aiming to use it for logging the story of my game as it develops and perhaps creating the world as I feel it should be. This site is meant to archive all of my houserules, documentation, imagery, etc. Maybe act as a blog, I dunno; I haven't quite decided that far yet, but it's built out of Drupal so I can make it whatever I want.

Incidentally this site is built upon Drupal with a bunch of custom code running the facets as necessary. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me (Dooley) through a variety of channels. Feel free to do so, I like hearing from folks regarding my game cause I like so many other have an ego maniacal streak that needs stroking.