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So last night went off well.  My only regret being the lack luster ending given I was sure the Lagos was in fact involved in the beginning and I'm holding to that canon.  That being said, the airship is on its way home now.

Although I imply the wealth and influence that the families have amidst and without one another, I don't really have a record of it, and I worry about jumping the shark as far as how powerful or capable the families are.

Regardles, last night was a nice smooth adventure involving the members as they traversed between the mountain ranges saving a small city of under gnomes (svirfneblin) resident within the range.

I am not a smart man.

So Brandan meant this guy:

The gnome caretaker of the pair of statues from Neverending Story.

I would have played this reference more directly but I had forgotten completely about this guy.

Didn't have a clue at all.  I figured something easily enough in the aftermath of the fight, but if I'd remembered the reference, I could have done a bit more with it.  Could have put shades on him.


I'm going to try and figure a better method for plot point management here in the next while.

Eventually I'll have enough time I can focus on properly fixing some of her bits.

In the meantime, some stuff works, some stuff is broken.


I seem to be getting better at managing my time, of late I've stuck to my workouts, done my preplanning, stuck to my side work and that's on top of the 40 hour work week.

The trick is getting up early.

Onward and Upward

There are only two posts that share that tag at the time of this writing.  The first one is me talking about the CloudSpire Chronicles before I'd decided what it was to be called.

During the course of the campaign, I have had my challenge, but I've managed to overcome them.

Looking at where the game has reached thus far, I've stayed the course I sought.

The second post observing the tag talks about this.  This may end up being the blog post that shares the tag as the treatise upon the momentous revelation.

But seriously.

The fact is the game has evolved and we now have a campaign world with some roots and canon, some real depth.  It's nice.


This is some frustrating business.  When your group is in flux, you don't know who to put in the intro.

I've already put Paul in, and I'm wrestling with putting Mitch in.  I have no idea what he'll play.  The intro is very character heavy this time around, which is just a major mistake on my part.  I've put Fletcher in as well and in short, I will have every player in eventually.  Part of me says to button up and release the intro then add people as they join in.

Part of me says to hold off..

/me shrugs



Continuity is VITAL for players (and viewers) to be invested. If not counting gold pieces and henchmen, at least ball-parking them. 100-150 men is a ballpark, without that soft number, someone might think they have 1,000 - 5,000 at their command. Ditto the family treasuries. 

If you aren't going to beancount the men and money, at least steal a page from White Wolf and have dots of wealth, influence, henchmen, etc. And up to that rating they can expend their resources like water, but at that rank of their influences, they lose permanent resources, men die, finances are depleted, allies are alienated.I don't need to explain the system, it's online if you don't know it, but it's fast and dirty and easy for you to run herd on. But you WILL still need to keep notes, and staying true to those notes is what will keep your world glorious. 

Continuity is the pinnacle of quality, forgo it at your hazard. Majesty isn't common, it has to be earned.

You should probably know what magic items your players possess, even if it's just in a computer notepad that you keep updated. Magic draws all kinds of attention.


Your campaign is going swimmingly, get more chicks, they take up less space and you can fit more of them around the table. 


When it's over a month old, it's not news anymore.